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Specialist Equipment

Computer capsules

Our computer capsules make relocating large quantities of computers and hardware more efficient. They have been designed to not only to ensure the protection of the items being relocated, but also the environment through which they move.

They are constructed of moulded plastic with rounded corners, designed to reduce the risk of damage to surroundings.

Computer Capsules provide a user-friendly and high security moving system and, compared to other trolleys in the industry, have the following advantages:

  • Lightweight moulded plastic
  • Weather resistant
  • Have adjustable shelves (for fluctuating IT equipment sizes).

Computers will be unpacked and placed on desktops as per a pre-determined schedule.

Plastic Crates

Crates make packing and unpacking quicker, easier and more cost-effective. Renting a crate is less expensive than purchasing a traditional cardboard box. And crates are larger, so less are required.

Crates are faster to load, to stack on skates, load on trucks and unload at the other end. This efficiency saves time and labour.

Crates are sturdier and do not “crush”, regardless of how full or empty. Thus, packed items are protected and stacking does not have to be strategic to avoid an avalanche.

Crates include sealed lids; therefore, contents are not lost.

Because plastic crates are reusable, they are more environmentally sound. Cardboard boxes require significant resources and energy to manufacture and take up valuable landfill space when discarded.

Our crates have a lifespan of more than 10 years; they can be reused hundreds of times more than single-use boxes. One crate can eliminate over 400 boxes from landfill waste.

No assembly or taping is required and no box breakdown is needed. Crates maximize “cubing” and more efficiently utilize truck space.

IT Covers & Bags

We designed and manufactured anti-static padded computer covers. With tough external vinyl and a soft internal lining and strong Velcro fastening, they fully protect PC monitors and towers.

The covers also include corflute on the ‘screen’ side to add further protection from knocks and jarring during transportation.

Our generously sized custom-made anti-static padded bags, with strong Velcro fastening, keep computer peripherals together. This means when you disconnect the pc all the items that go with it, such as keyboard, mouse and wires, arrive together after being transported.

We even use the bags and covers in our IT Crates and Computer capsules.

IT Crates

IT crates make the packing and moving of IT safe and secure. Our IT crates can hold a large tower, dual monitors and the peripherals all in one crate.

This can then be sealed using our serial numbered security seals ready for the removalist to move to the new desk/office.

Priority Crates

Priority Crates are ideal for the floor managers or project manager to place final documents, last minute things or even the chocolate biscuits for your staff to enjoy while they are unpacking.

Because they are a different colour and smaller than the move crates they can be easily located at the destination.

Library Carts

We use the best equipment in the industry – SAMSON Library Carts, whilst we are the first to introduce them in Australia they have been used extensively in the USA & the UK for a number of years. The carts make moving libraries quick and easy compared to the traditional way of packing the book collection into crates.

They are made from recyclable materials, fold up when not in use and are safer to use that the traditional wood or metal trolleys.

Electric Stair Climbing Trollies

No lift, no problem. Powerful electronic stair climbers can lift up to 500Kg with no effort.

Hydraulic Furniture Movers

Our 1800kg equipment movers are great for moving machinery, safes and other heavy furniture.

Building Protection

Floor coverings and other appropriate materials will be provided to protect entrance foyers, corridors, offices, exits and lobbies when required. Protection will also be provided for lifts utilised in the relocation, if not supplied by the building management.

ORS uses GDOE Floor protection, which we have found to be the best protection available and ORS is currently the only company to use it in Australia.

For Commercial Applications GDOE provides a safe, professional protection that doesn’t end up as waste material. GDOE doesn’t generate any dust, debris or dangerous airborne pollutants and can be cleaned and sterilised while it is still down on the floor.

GDOE products are made in the USA from 100% USA post-consumer/industrial recycled plastic and rubber. Instead of using products like Masonite for a few months then throwing them away, GDOE can be used thousands of times, and then be recycled again. This saves in sourcing materials, labour and cleanup, not too mention the tons of waste.

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