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Asset Management

Businesses increasingly need flexible solutions when it comes to utilising or managing the disposal of their assets.

Our proprietary asset management tool allows us to track and coordinate assets on your behalf. We can also undertake Inventory Condition Reports that make it easier to make asset management decisions.

This means you can store items not required day to day and store it securely with us to recall at any time.

Alternatively, we can arrange asset disposal when required.

For example, an initiative that we have recently commenced which potentially has the ability to increase savings to the WA Government is the reuse of redundant furniture from new office fit-outs.

One thing we have noticed is that there are many offices that have been refreshing the furniture they currently use, or on vacating a premise have to “get rid” of the furniture they have been using.

To date that has led to hundreds of tons of landfill and at best some items being recycled.

Much of this furniture is still in good condition and still has use left in it. We have looked at the potential to “marry” clients who need furniture (either new or expanding business’) with offices who are required to remove/dispose of their current furniture.

This has been something that has been done to limited success and organised within some Government Departments already, such as the WA Police, Dept. Of Education, and the Department of Water when they vacated the Atrium.

However, we often remove some very good furniture from corporate clients which they require to be disposed of.

As much as possible we look to offer this furniture to charities/ not for profit organisations, or other corporate clients where it would suit their needs at the cost of relocation only. We are in the process of building a database that could link needs/wants to furniture that is originally earmarked for disposal.

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