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If your goods are worth moving they are worth insuring.

Insurance regulations in Australia have recently gone through many changes aimed at protecting the consumer and ensuring full disclosure of all the facts.

These changes mean that few furniture removalists can now legally offer you Transit and Storage Insurance Cover.

Office Relocation Solutions is an authorised representative registered with the Australian Securities Investment Commission (Authorised Rep. no. 451312) of Cowden (Vic) Pty Ltd, Aldridge and Street Division.

A general insurance broker licence no. 245658. As members of AFRA and authorised representatives, our team has been trained and are qualified to arrange transit and storage insurance for you.

Insurance on your move is optional. Firstly, check your existing insurance policy to determine whether or not any cover is provided there.

If not, we can organise insurance for you.

To do this we will supply you with:
  • Product Disclosure Statement – which provides information about the main features of the insurance offered.
  • Financial Services Guide – which outlines how the policy can be arranged, and how parties are remunerated.
  • Policy Wording – which details precisely the risks covered, the basis of settlement, exclusions, claims procedures and special conditions of the policy in plain English.
  • Insurance Declaration Form – for your completion to itemise goods covered and specify the type of insurance cover required. Completion of the Insurance Declaration form and return of it to Office Relocation Solutions before your move means that you can be assured you are covered in accordance with the level you select and the premium paid.
Broadly there are two levels of cover available for your move. They are:
  • Restricted Cover, which covers your goods for the value selected, in the event of the vehicle catching fire, flood, overturning or being involved in an accident.
  • Full Cover, which, as it suggests covers your goods in the event of loss or damage from any external cause, including accidental damage from the time the removalist uplifts goods from your home until delivery into your new home. This policy also covers the risks included in the restricted cover policy. An excess of $250 applies to any claims.

Where your goods are held in storage, full cover may be extended at a small monthly premium to provide you with full insurance over this period and then the redelivery to your new home. Alternatively, restricted cover is available to cover the risk of fire or flood.

Please refer to our Product-Disclosure-Statement and Financial-Services-Guide

To arrange insurance please download and complete this Insurance-Declaration

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