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Computer IT Disconnect & Reconnect Service

ORS can also provide a separate team to disconnect and reconnect the IT equipment. The teamwork closely with the main relocation team to ensure that IT equipment is relocated as a priority and is in place by the agreed timeframe.

We have significant experience in managing IT relocations including disconnect / reconnect monitor arm connection and IT management. We have developed specific processes and have custom-made specialist equipment to ensure these moves are undertaken as efficiently and incident-free as possible.

Our IT Move Managers have more than 5 years experience of supervising the transport, logistics and project management of IT relocations. More specifically they have managed IT relocations with disconnect / reconnect for many clients including Rio Tinto, Worley Parsons and Department of Commerce.

The IT disconnect / reconnect process follows three stages:

1. Pre-move

  • Shut down
  • Disconnection cables and peripherals
  • Complete IT item checklist
  • Monitor and CPU placed in proprietary custom-made anti-static and padded computer covers and labelled
  • Cables and peripherals placed in proprietary custom-made anti-static and padded computer bags and labelled for relocation workstation destination

2. Relocation

  • Pack covered computers and bags onto computer transit capsules
  • Transfer capsule to destination
  • Unpack paired computer covers and bags to appropriate workstation
  • Check through IT item checklist
  • Attach cables, peripherals and mount monitors on arms if relevant

3. Post-move

  • Ensure cables and peripherals are connected
  • Ensure cables are neat and tidy
  • Check power, switch on / start-up
  • Attach screen fault notice if relevant
  • Log issue on the checklist
  • Sign-off checklist
  • Report to client contact

We can also supply accredited IT Technicians to reconfigure network systems if required.

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