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Storage Solutions

Office Relocation Solutions can assist you with short or long term secure storage in our state of the art facilities. Our Qube storage facility is secure with CCTV recording and back to base alarm system.

Items for storage are placed into our secure modules. The storage modules are made out of weather-resistant plywood. They are made out of plywood for a very good reason – because plywood breathes. This means the storage module maintains a very constant temperature whilst in store, and prevents deterioration that can occur from damp, mildew and rust.

Storage modules are slightly elevated from floor level, ensuring a steady airflow under and around the storage module. Even on a 40-degree day outside the plywood module will be comfortably cool inside our warehouse, and on a freezing winter night, the plywood keeps things comfortably warm inside. This is much better for your furniture and is another reason why our system is the best chance your furniture has of “surviving” being stored! Our storage modules also seal well to exclude dust, so you can be confident your furniture will be returned to you in a clean, ready to use condition.

We also offer pallet storage for bulk items and archive file boxes.

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