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IT Office Relocations

Computer relocations

A dedicated move plan can be devised in conjunction with your own IT department.

ORS personnel will pack, transport and unpack personal, network and mainframe computers, printers, scanners and electronic equipment.

Our experienced staff can assist with the disconnection and reconnection of all desktop items and servers and also provide labelling and prepare an audit sheet to be kept with each unit ready to be moved in our specialist computer moving equipment.

Disconnect / Reconnect Service

If required we can also take responsibility for disconnecting your IT at the old location and reconnecting it at the new one.

Our teams disconnect all cables and place with keyboard and mouse into our custom protective bags to ensure that all items stay together until we reconnect them where they are relocated to.

We can also supply accredited IT Technicians to reconfigure network systems if required.

This may even require us to pre-install new IT equipment.

Our team will work closely with the main relocation team to ensure that all IT equipment is relocated as a priority and is in place by the agreed timeframe.

See IT Disconnect / Reconnect page

Computer Care in transit

Covers and bags

Custom-made anti-static padded computer covers, with strong velcro fastening, protect PC monitors and towers. Our custom-made anti-static padded bags keep keyboard, mouse and wires together whilst being transported.

Computer Capsules

Used in conjunction with our padded covers and bags these specially designed and built computer capsules ensure the safe transportation to the new site.

With adjustable internal shelving, the computer capsules make relocating large quantities of computers and hardware more efficient. They have been designed to not only to ensure the protection of the items being relocated, but also the environment through which they move. They are constructed of moulded plastic with rounded corners, designed to reduce the risk of damage to surroundings.

IT Crates

We can also provide special computer crates for the removal of IT equipment.

IT crates make the packing and moving of IT safe and secure. Our IT crates can hold a large tower, dual monitors and the peripherals in the padded covers/bags, all in one crate. This can then be sealed using our serial numbered security seals ready for the removalist to move to the new desk/office. IT crates are easily identifiable and are clearly labelled with colour coded labels and position numbers for the appropriate workstation or desk area in the new premises.

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