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Planning Relocations

To plan the move in accordance with the client’s needs, Office Relocation Solutions arranges a meeting to discuss and map out the exact details of your office move.

This allows us to understand fully what you want us to do, and to apply the necessary resources and equipment. We can also assign a Move Manager to take care of your office move.

Although a Move Manager is not always necessary, we would certainly suggest it with a larger scale office move. Our Move Managers have in-depth knowledge and experience of office removals and will help you plan and organise your relocation more efficiently.

Site visits

There are important questions to ask before planning an office removal, for example:

  • Is there easy access to the building?
  • Are we complying with all Occupational Health & Safety Regulations?
  • What needs to be moved where?

A site visit is integral to organising your move. After visiting the site, we will have a unique understanding of the potential challenges, obstacles and your specific needs and concerns, we can then plan your office removal based on first-hand knowledge of the site.

Our experienced Move Managers are responsible for all aspects of your move. From an initial brief, we will coordinate everything from crate delivery through to final sign off, including where necessary such items as risk assessments, resource and activity schedules and H&S procedures.

Move Management

Most companies do not employ specific staff to arrange to move, and there is often very little time for arranging a move during the normal course of business activities.

Even large companies with sizeable Facilities Management departments are sometimes stretched when a major relocation occurs, so a Move Manager is appointed for all major projects to oversee your move from beginning to end.

This Move Manager is responsible for all the major elements of the transition, including pre-move meetings and briefing staff on packing and labelling procedures, health and safety issues, access, liaising with move crews and team leaders. They also lead the de-briefing with clients once the relocation is completed, to report back on any issues noticed during the course of the move that needs the client’s attention.

When the big day arrives our Move Manager will be on hand to oversee the entire move process.

Building protection

The protection of premises is taken very seriously and will be discussed and decided upon during the planning stages of your move.

Protective materials can be applied to agreed areas in both the uplift and destination buildings, from the main doorways, along main walkways to the final destination areas. Generally, floor protection consists of lightweight hard wearing cellular plastic sheets or Masonite taped in place to provide a protective barrier against dirt, dust and scratches.

Vertical surfaces such as walls, doors, glass panels can be covered using a lightweight coreflute panel which again is taped in place using a low adhesion masking tape. Doors and frames can be protected with custom made padded protectors held in place by spring clips to ensure unobstructed use of the doorway at all times.

Once the relocation is complete the materials are carefully removed from the site leaving you with a clean workplace.

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